Will your DIY wedding DYI? (Do You In)

Will your DIY wedding DYI? (Do You In)

Congratulations, you’re getting married and naturally, you want everything to be absolutely perfect on your wedding day.

You’ve dreamt of this day so many times you have every detail in your head. So, it makes sense to organise the wedding yourself, right down to every detail. How gorgeously romantic. My wedding, my way.

And I’ll save money too. I’ll have a DIY wedding.

But before you sign off on a DIY approach advice from seasoned wedding industry professionals is to ask the question of whether doing it yourself is ultimately going to ‘do you in’?

Planning a dream wedding is full of decisions.

What type of wedding dress and where to get it? What venue will suit us? What type of setting or venue do you want? Beach? Country? City? What size wedding? Who to include in your bridal party? What will they wear? Who will your celebrant be? What would you like in your vows? Who will design your invites? Who’s on the all-important guest list and who won’t make the cut? What type of music? What about the cake? What flowers do you want and will they be in season? Which photographer will you choose? And the list goes on.

Just putting together the simple ‘nuptial necessity’ list is enough to make anyone bride’s head spin.

So, if the planning is that complicated then maybe you should reconsider doing the rest of the wedding yourself? It’s pre-marital madness!
If you choose the right venue, that suits your budget, then they will have professionals to organize your styling (just how you dreamt about it). They will organize all the delicious food (just as you wanted it). They will have a team of professionals, who will handle all of the behind-the-scenes setups/cleanups/and even handle those unforeseen mix-ups. So, on your wedding day, you only have to worry about celebrating and enjoying one of the most special days of your life.

It’s a good idea to think about how you want to ‘remember’ your wedding day.

Did you want to control every little detail, but you ran yourself ragged setting up and overseeing everything, just for a few savings?

Or do you want to remember it as a ‘dream day’, from getting ready to your final speeches, all for that little bit more?

Sensible savings can be made, even without having to put together a stressful ‘DIY wedding’.

Why not consider having fewer guests, or getting married on a weekday when venue costs are cheaper? You could have more simplified wedding invites, wedding favours, or even less expensive/simple flowers. There are so many ways to save and so many ways to save yourself a whole lot of headaches.
With the right wedding team alongside you and your partner. they’ll help create a magical wedding that also meets your budget. And they’ll take on the stress for you.

It’s really the one day of your life that you should certainly, ‘Do It Your way ’, but by someone else who’s experienced.


Will your DIY wedding DYI? (Do You In)

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